About Us


The Emirates Club of Motorplex was established in 1999, from a vision which Sheikh Marwan bin Rashid Al Mualla has turned into a tangible reality extending beyond the borders of the nation ...

From the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, previously known as "Emirates Car and Motorcycle Racing Club”, the club first began with a number of motorsports, widely enjoyable among the Emirati youths. As it was among the uppermost clubs concerned with these sports, generally in the Gulf area, and particularly in the UAE.

By virtue of mindful planning and efforts, and the development of potentialities and strategies, this local launch has thrived into remarkable successes and events reaching the continents of Australia and South Africa, besides the Arab and Gulf areas.

The Emirates Club, Motorplex, has firstly began to direct the youth by transferring them from risky street racing, which threatens the public safety, to a more organized and systematic approach to sports. Providing by that, to speed lovers of different ages, the chance to exercise their passion in the safest possible way over drag race and other motor racetracks, amidst an impressive ambiance of adventure and challenge...

Since its launch back in 1999, organizers at Motorplex have been keen to provide races of all kinds throughout the years, to satisfy the passion and thirst of motorsports enthusiasts. Between the past and the present, Motorplex has brought about a variety of races, such as freestyle races, road races, drifting, autocross races, motocross races, solo races, drag races, sand drag races, hot rod shows, classic car shows and motorcycle shows ... Available to all age groups, seasonally and throughout the course of the year.

The races are supervised by a specialized team of highly experienced and proficient coaches and regulators; always on a mission to carry out the competitions and present new trophies and impressive shows. Both, the technical and security apparatuses cooperate to ensure compliance with security regulations, in order to maintain the safety of both contestants and audiences on one hand, and to organize all the elements and rations that guarantee the production of a successful sports festival, brimming with adventures and challenges on the other hand.

Be a part of our achievements and championships! Join the gold-crowned track record of Motorplex by filling in the "Racer Registration Form” and experience the speed and thrill of a lifetime.

Emirates Motorplex aims at attracting youth especially those who admire motor races.  We encourage them to join the Motorplex team to practice their hobby in specialized race tracks. They will discover their talents and hopefully qualify for international races.  Emirates Motorplex encourages them to race safely and steer away from public street dangers. Our goal is to provide incredible drag racing events that are safe, fun, and affordable for future generations while preserving our rich heritage in this great sport.